Smoke Machine Hire Perth

We are based in Perth and have a huge range of smoke machines and haze machines for hire, as well as an extensive range of lighting, staging and audio equipment for your special event.


Our smoke and haze machines come ready to go with one litre of fluid included which is normally enough for most parties and events.
Or you can always purchase additional fluid if needed.

What is the difference between smoke, fog, low fog and haze?

  • Smoke and fog are interchangeable terms to describe the thick white/grey clouds of smoke that really covers an area and can create great effects at parties or theatrical events.
  • Haze is much thinner and creates a light mist-like effect that works really well in picking up the rays of lights as they shine around, so fantastic for dance parties or events where you don't want to block the action.
  • Low fog machines work similar to smoke/fog machines although they keep the smoke low to the ground. With our Antari low fog machine you just need to supply and add two bags of regular ice and this together with the special fluid ensures the fog effect stays low. Best used indoors in an enclosed area where there is no breeze to stop the smoke wafting up and away.

What is a fazer?

  • A fazer is a combination between a smoke/fog machine and a hazer. Basically it is fairly similar to a smoke machine although it has an inbuilt fan to disburse and thin out the smoke to some degree.

What is an LED jet fogger?

  • An LED jet fogger is a great new product that combines coloured LED lights with smoke to produce a impressive effect. Our Antari Z1520 LED Jet Foggers can be setup to shoot the smoke horizontally or vertically, while the RGB lights are programmable and can be controlled by a provided wireless remote. See one in action below:

How do I operate a smoke or haze machine?

  • Simply connect the smoke or haze machine to a regular 10A power outlet and turn on. The machines take approx 5 to 10 minutes to heat up and be ready to operate. All units are able to be operated via a remote control of which there are two types depending on the machine, either an on/off or timer version. On/off remotes have a single switch that you click on when you require output while the timer remotes have this on/off manual option as well as the option to control output levels and intervals.

For your convenience we offer a complete service including assisting with planning advice, equipment and technical personnel hire, delivery and installation or alternatively you can collect the equipment yourself from our warehouse in Bayswater.

More information on the extensive range of equipment we can provide is available here

How do I make a booking?

  • Please contact our helpful sales team on 9371 1551 or to discuss your requirements.


(Includes 1L fluid)
Antari Z1200 MkII DMX Fogger with timer
Antari Z1520 LED DMX Jet Fogger
Jem / Antari Standard Fogger
Jem ZR12 Fogger
Jem ZR31 Fogger
Le Maitre G300 Smoke/Haze Machine
Martin Magnum Pro 2000 Fogger
Robe FT1500 Fogger
Antari ICE101 Low Fog Machine
Beamz LF1500 Low Fog Machine
Antari HZ350 Hazer
Jem K1 Hazer
Look Solutions Unique Hazer
Magnum Hazer


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